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Depending on the service, we offer an hourly rate or a flat rate. Effectiveness is paramount: it is in the client's interest for Foley Fellows to spend as little time as possible helping a student achieve his or her goals. Academic and Test Prep tutors are $160-$300hour. Comprehensive Admissions service ranges from $7,500 for 11th graders to $10,000 for 9th graders. Admissions consulting fees are all-inclusive, one-time, and non-refundable. Clients who exceed the agreed number of applications and/or hours will be charged $200hr. 

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comprehensive admissions package

We'll be with you until you get the fat envelope. $7,500 for 11th graders to $10,000 for 9th graders.

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Let us know what educational outcome you are looking for and the timeline. We are educators, we understand the challenges that face young people today. We are here to help.

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